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Much of the resources on the Canaanite culture and language is scattered on the web and in libraries. This is a list of resources for the researche on the Canaanite culture and language. I'll tryto update this list as time permits.  If you have a suggestion or a useful link, please contact me.


Phoenician Keyboard: The online Phoenician keyboard developed by Maroun Kassab. (This is a standalone version to incorporate on a website with credits to the developer and a link to the website.)


Canaanite.org Resource Library: A compilation of important works
: Encyclopedia Phoeniciana by Salim Khalaf
Calgloss: The Aramaic online dictionary
Beth Mardutho: Syriac Dictionary and fonts
ABC Leb: A site on the Lebanese language

Books Online:

History of Phoenicia by George Rawlinson also found here in text format
A History of Ancient Sculpture by Lucy Mitchell
Phoenician Ireland by Joachimo Villanueva
Ancient Fragments of the Phoenician by Isaac Cory
The History of Cicily from the earliest times by Edward Freeman
Cory's Ancient Fragments by by Richmond Hodges
Rome and Carthage: The Punic Wars by Reginald Smith
History of Ancient Civilizations by Arthur Wilde
Did the Phoenician discover America? by Thomas Johnston
Carthage of the Phoenicians by Mabel Moore
Cyprus: Its Ancient cities, tombs and temples by Louis Censola
The Early History of God by Patrick Miller

Important and Rare Books:

The Phoenicians by Sabatino Moscati
A Grammar of the Phoenician Language by Harris Zellig
A Phoenician Punic Grammar by Charles Krahmalkov
A Grammar of Phoenician and Punic by Stanislav Segert
Phoenician-Punic Dictionary by Charles Krahmalkov
Byblos et L'Egypte by Pierre Montet
Kanaanaische und Aramaische Inschriften By Donner and Rolling
Mission de Phenicie By J.E. Renan
Textbook of Syrian Semitic Inscriptions by John Gibson
Handbuch der Nordsemitischen Epigraphik by Mark Lidzbarski
A Text-Book of North-Semitic Inscriptions by G.A. Cooke

Resource Books

Classical Phoenician Scarabs A Catalogue and Study by John Boardman


Tell el Burak Excavation by the Deutsches Archaologisches Institut
Tell el Burak by the Deutsch-libanesisches Ausgrabungsprojekt
Roman sanctuary of Baalbek by the Deutsches Archaologisches Institut
Baalbek Necropolis Sarcophagi by the Deutsches Archaologisches Institut
Torre del Mar excavations by Deutsches Archaologisches Institut
Carthage Excavations by various agencies
Article on Maltese Excavations by David Lindsay
Yavneh-Yam excavations by the Yavneh-Yam Archaeological Project
La Fonteta Excavation: A Phoenician city in Spain
The Tel Dor Expedition by the UC Berkeley Archaeological Research Facility
Achziv Excavation by the Archeology Department at HUJ

Online Historical Documents:

The Epic of Gilgamesh


Quest for the Phoenicians from National Geographic
The Phoenicians: Directed by Maurice Micallef

canaanite.org resources:

One of the rarest books out there, and one of the most important for researchers is "Kanaanaische und Aramaische Inschriften". It remains a resource book on Phoenician Inscriptions. Since this book is very rare, and the information cannot be found anywhere, here is a link to the texts of existing Phoenician and Punic Inscriptions for your use. This book has an expired copyright in Lebanon, so there is no violation of copyright issues. In all cases, this just a section of the work and not all. It is not for sale or reproduction. It is to be used by the researcher as a resource for research work. It is in a PDF format, so make sure you have a pdf reader.

Kanaanaische und Aramaische Inschriften